Member Spotlight: Francis Fontana


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My story: I joined the BAC in January 2016 as a Bass II. Other than singing as a congregant in Catholic masses, an occasional strumming of the guitar, I have not been active in Choral singing since the mid 70s when I sang with the University Chorale as a credited course.

I grew up with parents who were both music educators and in a family of seven boys where athletics and music played a very important role. I have found many blessings being a part of the Bay Area Chorus.  For one, it has brought me back to the choral programs I have enjoyed in my youth; especially the outstanding Catholic high school choir director, Michael Goudeau, who reminds me so much of the way Mr. Milton Pullen runs his rehearsals,  and expects excellence every time we take the stage.  Mr. Pullen’s passion for detail enriches the music singing experience and evokes the emotions and skill through the voices in the choir.  As he stated in a rehearsal, “music is what happens between the notes.”